About Us




ChimpChamp was founded in 2011 to fill the growing need for additional support for MailChimp clients. Since then we’ve helped nearly 1000 MailChimp customers with all aspects of MailChimp support - design, consulting, setup, training, support and custom development.

We look forward to helping you with all your MailChimp related needs, too!


Our Story

We began using MailChimp as a customer and instantly fell in love with their system. We had developed a tight integration with a membership system that moved subscribers from one list to another based on actions they took inside the members area. Then we found the MailChimp Integration Fund and pitched them the idea of turning this integration into a Ruby Gem to release open source. MailChimp loved the idea and funded the project.

Shortly after the completion of this project, our founder was invited to their “Super Users” conference and asked to participate in the Experts Directory and he decided to do it mostly because he loves MailChimp as a company. Since then, MailChimp has funded two more of our projects and we’ve helped over 450 MailChimp customers in both a consulting and custom development capacity.

It’s been a great relationship. We enjoy helping people get started on MailChimp because we knows from personal experience that it’s the best email marketing platform in it’s class.

What We Do

MailChimp Startup

We're MailChimp's Highest Rated Experts for a reason - we're the best! We have extensive experience in web development, web business and email marketing. And due to our strong background in MailChimp and all things web, here's a list of areas we can help you with:

  • MailChimp account & list setup (including migration from another system)
  • Creating your first newsletter
  • Platform usage and training
  • Email marketing best practices discussion and advice
  • RSS campaign setup and configuration
  • MailChimp integration with your website and/or Facebook
  • Autoresponder and “drip campaign” setup
  • Assistance in creating a reusable template with the drag & drop editor
  • Groups and Segments
  • MailChimp usage training for you and/or your staff
  • Anything else MailChimp related that you might need help with!


Template Creation

We can help you create a MailChimp Template to work with your brand using their built-in editor. We'll work with you inside your MailChimp account to match the look and feel of your site - color scheme, header, footer, etc. One of the main benefits of this package is the the template is automatically responsive, which means it looks good in mobile as well as desktop clients.

All work is done on a screen share with you so that you're learning how to work with the editor while we're building your template! This way, when we're done you'll know how to use the platform and you'll be fully empowered to build your own templates in the future.


If you need help learning MailChimp or WordPress for the first time, or want to improve your skills to be more efficient and more effective, then this is the perfect package for you.


Need help with something related to MailChimp?

Then this is the package for you because we can help you solve your MailChimp problems. Here are some of the things we can help with:

  • Opt-in form integration or troubleshooting
  • RSS campaign creation or troubleshooting
  • Autoresponder setup
  • Migrations from a different email system
  • Importing your contacts

Need help with something related to WordPress?

Then this is the package for you because we can help you solve your WordPress problems. Here are some of the things we can help with:

  • Migration from another platform
  • Implement or upgrade your ecommerce/shopping cart platform
  • Theme selection assistance
  • Home page slider setup
  • Sidebar widget setup
  • Blog setup
  • Plugin installation and setup
  • MailChimp integrations
  • Social media integration

Custom Development

If your integration requires accessing the MailChimp API, we can help you map out the best way to approach it. We can work with you in one of two ways...

If you've got your own dev team, we’ll translate your business needs into Technical Design Specs. You’ll receive a PDF document of the complete TDS 100% ready for your dev team to implement.

If you don’t have an existing dev team, or you want us to manage the whole project, we can provide you with hands-free completion of your integration. We'll consult with you to discover your needs, map everything out to achieve your goals and manage the entire project from start to finish! You'll end up with a completed solution that fulfills your business requirements.

Get in touch to talk about your custom project.

So whatever your current issue or need, we look forward to helping you! And we'll be in touch soon...