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One of the best ways to learn about the proper use of Mail Chimp is through our Right Start Program.

In our Right Start Package, we’ll work together in a variety of ways and can help with virtually all aspects of your business because we have a wealth of online business & MailChimp experience. During the course of working together, we’ll be able to achieve your top 5 MailChimp goals to help you grow and improve your business.

Here are some examples of what we can accomplish together:

  • Set up your MailChimp account, List & Groups.
  • Import your existing database
  • Add pop-ups to your site (entrance and/or exit)*
  • Set up autoresponder and “drip campaigns” for you
  • Setup and integrate your help desk, scheduler, CRM, CMS, lead capture tool, etc.
  • Set up and configure and RSS-driven campaign for you
  • Create your first newsletter for you
  • Integrate MailChimp forms into your website and/or Facebook
  • Create a lead capture page for you*
  • Add the ability to move data to and from other services automatically*
 * Requires a third party service.

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • Email Designer Template – With this service, we help you create a template to work with your brand using MailChimp’s built-in editor. We’ll work with you inside your MailChimp account to match the look and feel of your site – color scheme, header, footer, etc. One of the main benefits of this package is the the template is automatically responsive, which means it looks good in mobile as well as desktop clients. This sell separately here for $299
  • Your Top 5 Goals – Select 5 of the 10 options above to get your business and website integrated and using MailChimp. We’ll take care of everything for you. This service has a $500 – $1000 value
  • Complete Training Series – This series is designed to empower your independence so you don’t have to hire us (or anyone) to work on MailChimp for you when you want or need to make changes. The biggest benefit is power. You will have to power to decide when and how things get done in your MailChimp account. This sell separatelyhere for $197You’ll learn about:
    • Automation Workflows
    • Template Design
    • List, Groups & Segments
    • Customizing & Integrating Forms
    • Metrics, Analytics & Reports
  • Lifetime Access – Everything we do together will be made available to you forever through our project management system. You’ll be able to access and review all the answers, tools, resources and screen capture videos we provide you with at any time for as long as the internet exists. ?
  • 3 Months FREE! – When we’re done working together we’ll get you three months of free service on MailChimp. Depending on how big your list is this can be a significant amount of money and is often more than your entire investment in this package.

The benefits of working with us directly are:

  • You’ll save time and money having an Expert do it right the first time
  • You’ll avoid frustration vs. trying to figure all this out yourself
  • You’ll learn how to use the system vs. hiring an outsourcer
  • You’ll be able to tap my extensive background in business and marketing vs. working with someone who just knows MailChimp
  • You’ll get three months of free service back from MailChimp

When we’re done:

  • You’ll have more freedom in your life through automation
  • You’ll be fully empowered to grow your business
  • You’ll have the confidence to be independent
  • You’ll be able to relax with the reduced stress of having all of this handled
  • You’ll be able to secure your future with more money, more customers, more business
  • You’ll increase the value of your business making it more easily sellable
Our goal is to help you get where you want to go and become self-sufficient along the way. After this engagement, you’ll be fully empowered to move forward on your own.

Here’s how this package works:

  1. First, you’ll place your order.
  2. As soon as we see your order come through, we’ll set up our project workspace in Basecamp so we can get started! This is where we’ll share credentials securely, collaborate, store notes & files and share ideas. You can also ask us questions in here and easily go back to find them at any time in the future.
  3. Everything we work on and provide you with will remain archived in Basecamp for you to reference at any time in the future.
  4. Then once we’re done working together, we’ll submit your paid invoice to MailChimp and get your discount applied to your account. You’ll get your MailChimp accountfree for 3 months!
  5. At your discretion, you’ll give us a great review on our Experts Page. ?

Here’s what to do next:

Order Your MailChimp Right Start Package